Hello, I'm an IT Developper based in Montreal!

Melbouci E. Rayane

IT Support( IT / Developper / Designer)

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Who am I?

Rayane is an IT Specialist located in Montreal, possessing a fervent interest in information technology and emerging advancements. His innate aptitude for technology enables him to continuously progress, learn, and explore various aspects of the field. His areas of expertise include programming languages, cybersecurity, and network infrastructure.


2000Born in Alger (الجزائر), Algeria.
2021Completed the D.E.C in Computer network management
2021Worked at CISSS Montérégie-Est (IT Specialist level II)
2022 - In progress..Work at CN Investment Division as an IT Support
2023 - In progress..Bachelor of Software engineering in ETS Canada


Art, Music, Mangas, Photography , Football, Movies

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